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Pennsylvania court overrules workers' compensation decision

Many Pennsylvanians may not realize that the American Medical Association's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment are used to determine their workers' compensation benefits. Since these guidelines are updated and changed from time to time, a person who suffers a work-related injury or illness that makes him or her eligible for disability benefits needs to make sure that his or her benefits are being paid in accordance with the correct version of the AMA guidelines. While it might seem like the most current ones would be applicable, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania just ruled differently.

Legal protections for employees in unsafe workplaces

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created as the result of a 1970 legislative act. The so-called OSH Act compels employers to provide safe work environments for employees. Philadelphia County employers who ignore these rules may be subject to fines for workplace safety violations.

Child support risks when domestic violence comes into play

If you are raising a child in Pennsylvania, you may have a right to child support, and it's important not only to know about this right, but to know what you must do to make sure you are paid properly. However, in situations in which domestic violence is an issue, certain parts of the process can be rather risky. Take a look at the following to see how these risks may arise.

Traumatic brain injury: Causes and risk factors

Traumatic brain injuries are notoriously difficult to deal with because the human brain is still shrouded in a great deal of mystery. Neurologists and other kinds of scientists are always studying the brain in the hopes of helping those with these kinds of injuries lead more rounded lives. Another reason for such in-depth study is determining the causes of brain injuries as well as what factors mean a greater risk, both for the Pennsylvania workforce and other residents of the state.

Forklift operator killed in Harrisburg warehouse accident

Many people associate workers' compensation claims with on-the-job injuries. Benefits are also available for Philadelphia County families whose loved ones die in workplace accidents. Benefits help survivors recover from financial hardships like funeral costs, accident-related medical expenses and wage losses.

What are the benefits of workers' compensation in Pennsylvania?

When Pennsylvania workers are injured on their jobs, there are more problems to worry about many times than just the medical issues. Financial issues can also be a problem, especially if the worker is out of work for a significant period of time. That's where workers' compensation comes in, though.

Child support and enforcement in Pennsylvania

Getting divorced is almost always a difficult experience, especially if the couple shares children. In most cases, both spouses are ready to begin building new and separate lives, but there are certain issues that must first be attended to. One of these issues is child support, which can be stressful for both parents. Even after child support is decided, not all parents remain in good standing on their payments. This means enforcement options will go into effect to collect delinquent support payments.

Making Sense of the Proposed Revisions to the Federal Overtime Rules

In June of this year, the United Stated Department of Labor, at the direction of the Obama administration, announced proposed revisions to the "white collar" exemptions to the federal overtime regulations. The proposed revisions, if enacted, will be the first update to those federal overtime exemptions since 2004. The proposed revisions, explained in detail below, are dramatic and demand attention from employers of all types and sizes because the proposed revisions are projected to mandate the payment of overtime to 4.6 million workers in the United States who are not currently receiving overtime, and the news attention alone is likely to cause many employees to questions whether they should be receiving overtime under the current or proposed rules. Employers who ignore this potential development do so at their own risk!

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