A few points to know about child custody cases

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A child custody case is one that can come with a lot of challenges. Knowing what to expect and understanding a few basic points about it can help parents as they work to make decisions about what is going on.

There are some myths that come into the picture quite often. Make sure that you don’t fall for these when you are dealing with child custody matters:

Contrary to popular belief, child custody orders aren’t always created by a judge. Many times, the parents come up with the terms of the agreement and then the court is presented with the agreement the parents make. It is then ratified by a judge who is presiding over the case.

Another common misconception is that children have the final say in where they live. While it is true that children can speak up about what they want, their wishes are considered as part of the custody terms.

Some people think that only parents can be parties in the child custody case. It is possible for other parties, such as grandparents, to be part of the child custody case. Typically, the courts will defer to the parents unless there is a reason, such as child abuse, to avoid doing this.

Finally, parents can’t refuse to allow the child to contact the other parent if that goes against the custody order. Some parents try to stop communication if the other parent is late on child support payments or if he or she does something that the custodial parent doesn’t like.

Child custody cases can be difficult for everyone involved. Keeping the focus on the children might help to make it all easier to deal with.

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