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Pennsylvania child support proceedings

Pennsylvania children have the right to receive financial support from both their mothers and their fathers. Depending on the nature of the child custody arrangements, if a parent has primary custody of the children, the parent will not be required to pay money to the other parent to support the children because he or she will already be spending a great deal on their support. However, the non-custodial parent will be required to pay the other parent money for the children's support.

Child support disputes in Pennsylvania

Child support in Pennsylvania is generally paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. Our state's child support laws support the notion that both parents should provide financial support to a child, and these laws are aggressively enforced. As such, if a parent falls behind on paying his or her legally obligated amount of child support, the other parent can take legal action in court to ensure that the support is paid.

Stepparent forced to pay child support in unusual case

Is it only the biological parents of children who can be held accountable for child support? In most cases, the answer is yes, and you'd need to make sure your attorney was looking to seek that compensation from the right person. In this unusual case out of Pennsylvania, the state Supreme Court has ruled that a stepfather can actually be held liable for child support.

Why is paternity important for determining child support?

Did you know that fatherhood is not automatically established in the state of Pennsylvania when a child is born? Unlike maternity, which is obviously easy to establish, paternity rights are not instantly bestowed upon the father upon the birth of the child. This is an important legal principal to keep in mind when it comes to child support, child custody and other family law issues.

Child support risks when domestic violence comes into play

If you are raising a child in Pennsylvania, you may have a right to child support, and it's important not only to know about this right, but to know what you must do to make sure you are paid properly. However, in situations in which domestic violence is an issue, certain parts of the process can be rather risky. Take a look at the following to see how these risks may arise.

Talking about child support: It's easier than you think!

Dividing parenting time during and after a divorce can be difficult enough, but how do you decide how to split your financial duties? Identifying appropriate child support amounts can be a challenging undertaking, especially when income levels are disparate between parents. You may want to send your children to an expensive class or camp, for example, but your co-parent may not entirely agree with the decision. How do you decide how to split everyday expenses and special costs through your child support agreement? Here are some basic tips for negotiating this very important document.

Do our current child support guidelines lead to fair results?

Two professors from Arizona State University recently released a study of people's sense of fairness about child support determinations in the U.S. and England. The professors, who teach law and psychology, were interested in understanding the public's views on child support, custody and alimony as currently determined, and whether the legal rules ought to be changed.

Parents who cannot pay child support need help, states NCSL

As a matter of policy, the National Conference of State Legislatures notes that it is in a child's best interest to stay connected with both parents, even when these parents are divorced or separated. When parents are unable to make their child support payments, it can cause a rift in their relationships with their children. Because of this, the organization recommends the implementation of assistance programs to help low-income parents rectify their delinquent child support payments.

Do you absolutely have to follow the child support guidelines?

If you live in Pennsylvania and have kids, you may have wondered how much your child support might be if you split up. You may know that Pennsylvania has a formulaic system for determining child support obligations called the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines.

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